Little Big Shot

The Little Big Shot® is Made in the USA and assembled by disabled US Veterans.

This Super Nozzle is pound for pound the most effective and water-efficient nozzle you can buy. Fits any standard hose and is continuously adjustable, making it perfect for any outdoor project. Range includes a powerful sweep in the fully open position to even a pinpoint stream and everything in between!

Manufactured from solid brass, the Little Big Shot® weighs only a fraction of other adjustable nozzles, requiring far less material to manufacture. The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is a simply superior and EARTH-FRIENDLY hose nozzle!

You can buy a bigger nozzle...but you won't get bigger performance. 

40% Less Water

It's water efficiency is remarkable, with 40% less water volume (GPM) than the 'classic' pistol nozzle when tested at full-open position.

40% More Force

As a sweeper, it impresses with its powerful force. 40% more force than the Water Jet™ power washer at full-open position, for quick and efficient cleaning jobs.

Will Not Leak!

With our space-age Perma-Washer™, the Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle will not leak up to 60psi in the fully closed position.

Less Material Required

The Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle is precision crafted from solid brass. And, at a fraction of the weight of other adjustable nozzles, it requires far less material from our environment to make!

Nozzle Name

Weight (oz)


Little Big Shot

Little Big Shot®


Engineering-Grade Plastic





Pistol Nozzle

'Classic' Pistol Nozzle



Water Jet

Water Jet™



Fireman's Nozzle

Fireman's Nozzle



That's why the Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is Earth Friendly!

Where to Buy:

• Ace Hardware

• All Home Depot Stores in The U.S. 

• Select Walmart Retailers

• & &

• Orgill, Do it Best, Tractor Supply, and Made in America locations