Our Work With US Veterns

In 2019, about 1.66 million Veterans had a service connected disability rating of 70% or higher

K-CO Products is proud to be working with the US Veterans Administration through the Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) program, an existing program designed to provide disabled Veterans with work opportunities.

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"Not one of our Veterans in our program had any steady work before the Little Big Shot® opportunity came along."

- David Kurrasch (Founder)

The employment and well-being of disabled veterans is of great importance to us! When their service comes to an end, many veterans often return to the difficult challenge of finding work in a competitive market. Some have paid a very dear price and their disability often makes this virtually impossible.  

Among the first Veterans to start working on this project was a paraplegic (a member of the PVA). He really needed to work and so we got a high table for him. He comes in with his wheelchair and just gets after it! It is difficult to adequately describe the feeling it gives us that our program has made a difference in the lives of so many disabled Veterans. 

Since 2012, the Little Big Shot® Super nozzle has been made in the USA and Assembled exclusively by disabled US Veterans through this program. Our Veterans get great satisfaction being able to go into a store and know that one of them assembled that nozzle. In 2015, we introduced the Johnny Jolter® PRO Power Plunger. By adding this to the program, we have been able to increase the number of veterans working for us and extended the duration of their seasonal work.

Thank you to all those who've served

And a special thanks to our veterans who have played a key role in K-CO Innovations over the years

Our Veterans take great pride in quality, a work ethic not always found in the private sector.

We hope our business continues to grow and our product line increases, to continue to increase the number of Veterans we are able to help. With the support of our customers like The Home Depot, Tractor Supply Corp, Ace Hardware, DoItBest, Orgill, Walmart, and others, we are assured of achieving this important goal.

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